Vienna calling!

September 2022

My taste in music had always been leaning towards rock from an early age.  As a young child in the ‘80s, I was more Duran Duran than Wham!  More Billy Idol than Billie Jean.  And more ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ than ‘Like a Prayer’.

So, inevitably I came across the Austrian musician, Falco and his contemporary song “Rock me Amadeus”, which was followed by a second single “Vienna Calling”.  Encouraged to buy the cassette of the album, I was looking forward to winding the two circular spools round with a pencil when the tape started to protrude through the bottom of the plastic casing… and (more seriously) listening to the whole recording from start to finish.  This made the artist focus more on the track order, normally with a powerful first song (to start each side!) and often a softer, slow ballad to finish (each side!).

Personally, I found the experience much more inviting than the current random selection of digital tracks from iTunes or Spotify, no longer necessitating the listener to appreciate the full works of an album; dismantling the musical equivalent of reading a book from cover to cover.

I suppose not listening to an album in its entirety is like attending only parts of a conference which, to an extent, was the online experience during the pandemic; missing some vital “fillers” (the coffee breaks, the chats at the bar, the evening dinner and drinks).  These are arguably the most important elements of the ‘live event’, that help people gel and that create the magic of the occasion, where relationships are built and trust is established. #connections

And so… next month, our international accounting network is delighted to be hosting Russell Bedford International’s first physical Annual Global Meeting since 2019, in the fabulous city of Vienna.

(Incidentally, our subsequent regional meeting will be for the Americas, early next year in the Dominican Republic which, sadly and cryptically, is where Falco prematurely lost his life in a motor accident, having been born in Vienna… It is surprising how very often one can discover links beyond the initial intention of the reference.)

Vienna is indeed calling; and we shall be there very soon!

Author: Stephen Hamlet

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