The calm… the storm… now breathe

October 2022

For an outsider, it’s hard to imagine the amount of effort that goes into planning an event for almost 200 people; with delegate programmes, speakers, workshops, panels, hotels, venues, non-delegate tours. lunches, dinners, drinks, entertainment…  (Did I cover everything?  Of course not!)

When the shipped boxes of materials get stuck in customs, when things don’t go quite as planned (behind the scenes), and when you sometimes just want to scream…  And yet; we held it together.  My team didn’t falter, despite my panics and (sometimes) higher demands to satisfy my perfectionist and controlling nature.

It was hence comments received by our attendees as to the amazing time they were having, and how they appreciated the extent of organisation, that kept us going.  And, for me, I only had to look at people’s reactions; the talking, the networking, the joy, the laughter, the collaboration.

They say you’re only as good as your latest piece of work.  Well, in that case, this was the best annual global meeting we’ve held.  Why?  Because we did it ourselves (without a host firm), because it was the first of its kind post-pandemic, because we had new people involved (at central office and with several new members), because we had emotion (real emotion, when we had to say ‘farewell’ to those retiring) and because I was personally touched by such sentiment of how much people mean to people; the relationships built, the trust established and the true integrity demonstrating Russell Bedford International’s core values.

This is why I do this job!

It can stress me out like ‘something else’ - so many people to keep happy, so many balls to juggle, plates to spin, and I often have to speak to that annoying perfectionist who lives inside me and explain - you can’t please everyone all of the time or indeed, ‘everyone’ any of the time, and nothing is ever perfect.  But what matters is putting on a good show, helping people connect, helping our members go further for their people and for their clients.

And from what we heard, I think we did a pretty good job!

Breathe the pressure… exhale, exhale, exhale…

Thank you team, and all who contributed to such a fabulous occasion! #teamwork #motivation #success

Author: Stephen Hamlet

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