There’s an ordinary world somehow I have to find

May 2020

During one of the breaks at our first ever web conference, we played ‘Ordinary World’.  It’s the song that made Duran Duran relevant again in the 90’s, written about finding normality after the death of a friend.

We’re all seeking normality, a new “norm”; to go back to an ordinary world we once knew as “normal”.

But then; when was the world ever normal?!  It has been forever transforming and evolving; albeit now at a new and imposed pace.

Our virtual event attracted over 200 people from some 60 countries; and it was great.  Not normal, not ordinary... but a fantastic vibe of togetherness.

We missed the social activities of meeting in person, but ended on a virtual & emotional 'Happy Hour', with people not wanting to leave.

Love was all around (...but that’s another song 😉)

So for now, we adapt.  We support each other and shall find our ordinary world; one in which we can exist; while everything continues to evolve.  And yet; nobody’s ‘ordinary’ world is the same as anyone else’s.

Our firms are not ordinary; they are special and they too are adapting.  They always have been, to client needs, with care and passion.  Nothing has changed there.

Our network is driven by our members, who focus on serving their clients.

That’s OUR ‘ordinary’.

Author: Stephen Hamlet

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