Meeting Down Under got us all high!

July 2023

Probably one of the more risqué titles I’ve chosen for a blog… but hopefully you get the “Down Under” flip to “Up… Above” and in a state of happiness.  Right?!

Well, Russell Bedford members were high on energy, connectivity and engagement at our APAC conference in Brisbane.

Asia Pacific is a region that is so diverse in culture, language, religion and so on; yet collaborates with such a togetherness that permits us to forget these differences.

And that is what Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is all about.  Our network not only embraces this but we strive to encourage it and progress in ways so that we cover so much of the world with such variety of people, skills, services, sectors and more.

Our discussions focused around attraction to the profession and talent retention, leadership, succession, technology, along with updates on national economies. And it was reassuring that, however diverse we are, our challenges are so very similar (confirmed not only by those throughout the APAC region, but also by our attendees from North and Latin America, and myself from Europe).  Which is why - coming together as a global network - provides a fantastic platform, creating opportunities to discuss, review ideas and conclude on ways to help one another, sharing knowledge and experience.

We received several comments on the engagement, particularly delightful to hear from those who were experiencing a Russell Bedford event for the first time; commenting on how the meeting and our group came across so “together”, with a natural cohesion.  It’s great to exceed people’s expectations.

I write this having returned from a twelve day trip that culminated with this conference in Australia, following a presentation I gave to our colleagues at the Brisbane office, but which started in Seoul with a visit to our fabulous South Korea firm, stopping off in New Zealand to meet with a really great practice, who we hope will join us very soon, and with airport transfers in Hong Kong and Doha.

Am I exhausted?  Indeed.

Am I glad I did it?  Heck yeah!

Was it productive?  In so many ways!

Did we have fun?  Oh yes!

And so… no apologies for saying we all felt high!  This network has been rising high for several years, and we’re no way near the top of where we want to be and where we are going to be!

From Down Under to Higher Than Ever… on our way to even greater heights.

Author: Stephen Hamlet

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