Let’s talk about… 40 years!

August 2023

I can only imagine what went through the minds of the original founders of this fabulous organisation, as they started to consider how they would build a global group of like-minded accountancy and financial advisory practices.  Could they possibly have imagined that 40 years on the network would still exist, let alone be present in more than 110 countries, with some 10,000 people at 350+ offices, generating global revenues approaching $1bn? 
Clearly, I take no credit for its origin, and the imagination and initiative of those behind its creation.  Yet I am proud to be in the position of CEO, having steered Russell Bedford International during the past six years, driven it through a period of immense progression, amongst global challenges and economic uncertainty, but which resulted in revitalisation and new energy.  I now look forward to taking us further for our people, our members and their clients, in the years ahead.  I am grateful to our founders for building our network on such solid foundations, giving us something to grow and enhance.
When one thinks of four decades, particularly with a perception of one’s life, it takes you from birth, to childhood, schooling, professional education, work experience, love interests, relationships, ups and downs, highs and lows, and often positive change and new beginnings.  Russell Bedford has not only survived four decades but has excelled.  We are at a point of greatness, unparalleled height, and magnificence that surpasses any period that came before.  The network has advanced, but we’re still together, having evolved, and now with so many people involved, engaged, and collaborating.  We are diverse, inclusive and we can confidently embrace a bright future.  I’m sure we will face uncertainty and challenges along the way, but any difficulties will also present opportunities that we can benefit from together, while helping businesses around the world.
Why? How?
I’d say it comes down to quality respect and trust.  If you deliver quality, and trust one another, you can achieve anything.  You can take each other further.  That’s what we are about.
Several people have said to me that, when their firm joined Russell Bedford, they honestly didn’t know what to expect; they simply hoped it might help their practice develop, and their clients on their international journeys.  Now they tell me it certainly did that, and more.  I have been told they now have people in the network who they class as close and dearest friends, people they would not only trust with their clients but with their family.  To them, Russell Bedford has become ‘a family’ that provides global resources as an extension of their own practice and their own home.  That’s magical!
Forty years on, we’ve created something truly special.  We look forward to the next forty, and more.

(Extracted from Russell Bedford International’s latest edition of Business World: HERE)

Author: Stephen Hamlet

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