You never need to be awarded for it to be rewarding

June 2023

Everything you do in life must have purpose, it must have meaning, and it must be delivered with integrity, honesty and passion.  And, if what you do has a positive impact on the life of another (or, even better, on the lives of several others), then it has value and you are making a difference.

The best people lead by trust and inspiration.  Their reward is then a happy team, an exciting process and a productive output.

Last week, we attended the International Accounting Forum, having been selected as a finalist for ‘Network of the Year’.  We were not named the ultimate winners, but we had fun; it was a great event and we congratulate all those who walked away with an award.

I told my team that we were certainly worthy of an award.  We deliver so much year-on-year, with considerable successes, achievements, growth and developments which have been highlighted in regular posts on platforms such as this.

In my eyes, we are truly a Winning Team and I again thank my colleagues for all their fantastic and dedicated support.  We achieve a great deal and will continue to do so.

I didn’t really need to remind them of that.  They know it!

It’s often said to me by others, and regularly those from outside our group who have experienced a ‘taste’ of our network, by being a guest at one of our events or by seeing our activity online, that the engagement, the connectivity and the collaboration of Russell Bedford International firms is something which differentiates us from others.  That makes me proud and THAT is extremely rewarding!

This week I embark on a trip to Asia Pacific for that region’s annual conference.  I am regularly rewarded for all our hard work and efforts when I witness, at a live physical meeting, the vibrancy and interaction of our people.

It’s not a trophy, it’s not a gold medal, it’s not some piece of glassware I can place on a shelf; it’s much more than that.  It’s the feeling I get when I know we’ve helped create something remarkable, something powerful and something really special.

Author: Stephen Hamlet

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