Keep promising a lot

July 2020

... but deliver even more!

We’ve all heard it’s better to under promise and over deliver... But it’s also important to aim high, push yourself and promise what you know you can achieve if you really put your mind to it; not just what will be ‘easy to deliver’.

In personal life, we’ve all had those friends who say they will be there for us; and when you call, they’re never available or seem disinterested.  These people make you feel worse than if they had never said they would be there!

It’s the same in business.  A relationship can be damaged irreparably if you trusted & relied on someone, who promised so much, but then lets you down by delivering so little.

At Russell Bedford, we promised to re-evaluate.  It was a challenge; with new demands, yet new opportunities.  So much changed in lockdown; but we were determined to achieve great things, and that’s what we promised.  We started with regular digital bulletins & online content.  We then delivered a full web conference and other virtual events.

Now; we have launched a brand new Russell Bedford Professional Development package; delivering various CPD/CPE offerings, designed to be easily accessible, keeping teams motivated and continuously progressing.

So; we adapted, we promised… we delivered.  And there’s more to come!

Author: Stephen Hamlet

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