Diverse cultures

July 2020

... same values!

The sweet Taste of India... Lovers in Japan... my China girl... Australia  (Aerosmith, Coldplay, David Bowie and Manic Street Preachers all stayed on topic during the breaks at our Asia Pacific web conference).

One of my favourite trips of the year is the Russell Bedford APAC meeting.  I enjoy visiting firms along the way; getting to know the people who work so hard at keeping our brand strong and well respected.  It’s the region that greets visitors with captivating culture, exotic cuisine, rich history and unique hospitality.  I have such fond memories of Asia (and of course, Australia) which I shall treasure forever.

So... how would the online conference compare?

On several factors it could not (exquisite foods and ambience, breathtaking architecture, magnificent landscapes... all concealed); but we did witness the familiar collaborative energy, of the cultures coming together.

The final session of each day was reserved for practice updates, as we went around the Asia Pacific region, from Australia to Vietnam (and the 10+ countries in between).  We heard of similar challenges, similar opportunities, with the same resilience and positivity.

A region of such diverse cultures... yet the culture of our brand remains the same!







Author: Stephen Hamlet

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