2019 will be hard to beat... but it's an incredible start to 2020

January 2020

When I was much younger, I would sit with my friends in a pub on New Year’s Eve, seeing in the New Year with the phrase “Hope it’s better than the last!”

We actually had VERY GOOD years; academically excelled... didn’t want for much... but the lack of romance in our lives, as we sat on a ‘girlfriend-less’ all-male table, led to this expression.  I couldn’t help thinking throughout the festive season of the overindulgence, as I forced down one more stuffing ball, mince pie, chocolate... while others starve around the world (and to several extremes I witnessed last year on my travels).

I still ponder the negatives of each year; the disappointments, the disagreements... it’s my perfectionist streak! And I often still joke, responding to a “Happy New Year” greeting, with “Hope it’s better than the last!”  But I personally had a lot to be thankful for last year.  Although we shall strive for an even better 2020, we should never forget those who really struggle and must question whether ANY new year will EVER bring an end to their suffering.

My 42 flights of 2019 allowed me to see so many different lives; and several made me feel grateful (& GUILTY) for the life I lead.

Helping others... listening more... showing empathy... will actually not only make the recipient's year better, but also YOURS!

So; in my ‘End of Year’ video, I said that 2019 could quite possibly have been Russell Bedford’s best year yet!

But I also said we’d try to have an even better one this year....

Well, we couldn’t have wished for a more incredible start to 2020!  In the first full week of the New Year, we have now announced THREE new member firms - from a diverse range of locations: Africa (an internationally-focused firm, covering the two major cities in Cameroon), North West England (Award-winning practice with offices in Manchester & Stoke-On-Trent) and Central Eastern Europe (a group of companies in Croatia)!

A very warm welcome to all, and I look forward to our continued success together.

Not a bad first week back in the office!!!

Author: Stephen Hamlet

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