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February 2020

We talk a lot about diversity; and I constantly advocate how important it is for any international network to capture, embrace & truly promote all elements of individual differences.  After all; it is what makes each of us unique that, when put together, makes a group truly special!

One of Russell Bedford’s attributes is our mix of age.  Compared to my experience of others, our conferences exhibit a much lower average age, with several younger generations leading progressive practices.  Yet; it is the combination of this youthful energy & ambition from new members, mixed with several long-standing experienced firms with decades of expertise & wisdom, that creates such a special vibe.

Panama reminded me of exactly this; the greatness of age diversity!

The impressive skyline of modern, shiny architecture; mixed with an old town of colourful historic buildings, portrays how one city can work with both.  And the contrast is rather magnificent!


We can all work together; and indeed WILL all work together MUCH BETTER; if we learn from each other’s differences and use them together to our advantage.

It’s the same with technology enhancing our operations; but aligned with the experience of traditional methods of success.

“New WITH the old”; never “new VS old”.

Author: Stephen Hamlet

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