Winning isn't everything...

October 2019

(But when you do win, it means a great deal !!!)

So, can I now say “Award-Winning CEO” of an “Award-Winning Network”?!🤔

WE WON!! And I WON! Both awards🥇🥇

Network of the Year AND Personality of the Year!


Last year I wrote a piece on ‘awards’ and how they shouldn’t matter; since you must value YOURSELF, the opinion of those who MEAN THE MOST to you, and the feedback from the people who directly RECEIVE YOUR SERVICES (Admittedly, it was written in the aftermath of our network NOT winning an award but coming a close runner-up!)

But, perhaps awards DO mean something. Especially when you win!😉

The phrase “You only sing when you’re winning” springs to mind. But I don’t think that’s fair. What we learnt last year by NOT winning, was actually to KEEP singing. Even louder!! We worked even harder & had an even BETTER year.

I am extremely proud for Russell Bedford, recognising our success & achievements from non-stop hard work & dedication.

And I am overwhelmed and honoured to have won this individual award, acknowledging the determination to do the best (& trying to BE the best) I possibly can for this fantastic network.

I do this with support from a fabulous team, fabulous peers, fabulous people all over the world who have been there for me, made me stronger, and kept me going!

You know who you are and I thank you all!

Author: Stephen Hamlet

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