The global network that never sleeps...

October 2018

Returning from our special 35 year anniversary conference in New York City, I was drawn to compare our group to the city that never sleeps.

We worked hard during the day; we listened, we discussed, we consolidated existing relationships and built trust with new members. In the evenings we celebrated successes; we ate, we drank, we danced, and we continued to share knowledge & experience amongst a diversity of cultures & generations.

But... what was the best thing about the whole event?

It wasn’t the amazing high class entertainment; it wasn’t the fantastic expert speakers providing passionate insight on current topics; it wasn’t the cruise by the Statue of Liberty, with amazing views of the New York skyline; it wasn’t the magnificent gala dinner with singing waiters, live bands, musicians, exquisite food & wine.... and it wasn’t even the fantastic presentation by the CEO on what an incredible year we have had ;-)

It was... the PEOPLE of Russell Bedford!

The energy was infectious throughout; the dedication & commitment to the network was apparent, with young & fresh vibrancy, ambition, togetherness and intimacy.

Russell Bedford keeps flying high and some may say never sleeps... although I must confess the CEO slept most of his first day back home!


Author: Stephen Hamlet