Perfect numbers?

April 2023

In mathematics, 6 is the first perfect number.  I won’t try to explain that, but it’s to do with positive integers that are equal to the sum of their proper divisors.

Still with me?

Anyway, April 2023 marks the end of my 6th year as Russell Bedford International’s CEO.

Always striving for excellence, aiming for perfection; which somewhat makes me never happy since, despite the number 6 (allegedly) being a perfect number, a perfectionist will never say ANYthing is perfect, since EVERYthing can always be better.

And yet, sometimes one must curtail the desire to be “the best”, to put aside the competitive streak that makes one continually work towards (arguably) the unattainable, and be happy and indeed proud of the excellence that has been achieved, taking a welcome diversion from that journey to perfection.

So perhaps I should enjoy the moment (… just for now) and look back on the past six years: the growth in our network’s global revenues of 83% (shy of 100%… darn it!), the 55% increase in number of member firms and people, the expansion into 38 new countries, now standing at 110, and the togetherness we have achieved throughout this period of development, connecting like-minded, passionate, dedicated people to collaborate, from all around the world; not to mention three awards and the enhanced digital presence, vibrancy and energy for our brand.

Our growth numbers have exceeded the industry average in each of those six years (having more than doubled that of all international accounting networks over the six year period).  Perfect!  Well, nothing’s perfect, right?!

Thank you to those who have supported me; my team, of course (who have enjoyed my perfect nature… I mean “contended with my nature of perfectionism”), our board of directors, the 9,000 talented individuals at our 370+ offices, and my contemporaries in the profession who have always provided me with such amicable assistance along the way.

Ok, that’s enough of all that.  Let’s go get that 100% growth in year 7!

People + Connections + Determination + Teamwork = Success

Author: Stephen Hamlet

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