New York… London… Paris

March 2023

I spent March in all three of these cities; arguably three of the most influential cities in the world.  In various ways, NYLP contributed to movements in fashion, music, film, culture, innovation, education and business.  And I’m fortunate to have spent time in each (not just in March 2023 of course, but at various stages of my life).

What these cities are missing (although there are tasters of a lot in all three) is the further diversity of Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and other parts of Europe.  This is what makes our world so vast, so complex and so very interesting.

I feel privileged to have experienced so much of this colourful world of ours; to have met people from all walks of life, from so many parts of the globe.

For some, entering the unknown, a new territory, a new adventure of business expansion, can be extremely daunting.  Yet, indeed, necessary.  Globalisation is here to stay, despite the concerns during the period of pandemic and the ongoing uncertainties presented to us.  I am proud, therefore, that we have, in our international network, talented people who can help on that journey, in a variety of ways.

And so, why am I accompanying this post with a picture of a rock concert?  Well, I was lucky enough to catch Muse at Madison Square Garden while in New York this month.  A British band, playing in the States, named after a “personified force being the source of inspiration for a creative artist” (dictionary definition!), and linked with Greek and Roman mythology.  I remember seeing Muse on tour of their very first album at Brixton Academy for about £20.  Now they tour the world, fill stadiums and can sell tickets for hundreds of dollars each.

Business expansion?  Global domination?  Perhaps…

And well, ok, so Russell Bedford International might not have helped Muse on that journey (apart from a significant contribution towards concert tickets and album sales from our network’s CEO), but I am sure they had a lot of help along the way from professional service providers so that they could focus on what they do best: rocking out massive tunes!

And that’s why WE exist.  Clients can concentrate on fulfilling their dreams and achieving their potential, while the accountants, tax advisors, auditors and business consultants take care of those ‘other exciting matters’, filling all those supermassive black holes!

Author: Stephen Hamlet

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