Don’t look back in anger...

February 2021

There’s a lot from last year that will make you sad, frustrated and even angry.  That dream holiday you had to forgo... the loss of time with loved ones you couldn’t visit... the plans that got laid to waste.

Yet; there were those who lost ‘people’, who lost jobs, businesses... who lost a lot.

Perspective is often a hard concept to accept.  There’s always someone worse off, right?!  And it doesn’t always make your problems any less.

So; look at the positives.  Appreciate what you have.  Last year certainly made us do exactly that!  The support of those who care, the displays of empathy... that unexpected phone call from a distant friend.

At Russell Bedford International we looked back and, yes, we had to cancel several physical events, we had to spend time re-evaluating and adjusting.  But our efforts were rewarded; and we have so much to celebrate.

We helped our people.  Our people helped their clients.  Tirelessly; with strength and resilience!

I’m extremely proud of our network as we reflect in this Global Performance Report.

So when you next find it difficult getting up in the morning, reflect positively and focus on what you can control... and, if you’re still lying there, why not start a revolution from your bed!

Author: Stephen Hamlet

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