And if the elevator tries to bring you down...

March 2021

Go crazy, punch a higher floor!

I started my career at a Top 20 firm of accountants in London and, in my first year, I failed (what was known as) the “conversion course”.  Failure meant termination of your training contract.

I recall being in a studio flat in Clapham, South London, upset by the news and deciding to play Prince at high volume (much to the annoyance of my neighbour).  Inexplicable elation, combined with not knowing what tomorrow might bring, somehow created a powerful sense of motivation to fight another day.

Destined to lose my first ever professional job, I spoke positively with the senior partner and a special meeting was called.

They must have seen something in me, since later that week I was told they were giving me a second chance; one that had never been given to anyone before me.

Fast-forward to now... and I’m leading one of the most successful, fastest growing international accounting networks.

As CEO, I am incredibly proud of the results in this latest performance review (HERE); especially in a time when pandemic struck.  Our firms thrived under pressure, supporting businesses around the world; as the profession worked harder than ever.

It may sometimes seem easy to give up...

Yet the more obstacles life throws in your way, the easier it actually becomes to be determined like never before!

Author: Stephen Hamlet

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