Don’t let challenges consume you...

April 2020

Seek the new opportunities!

I recently came across reference to a Buddhist teaching: “Relax... everything’s out of control”.

It makes sense if you really think about it. Things you cannot control should not concern you, so relax; and certainly don’t panic!

Focus on what you CAN solve, the part you CAN play, and where you can make a difference.

Opportunities come from change, from complications and from problems; not from stability.

The philosophy continues with, contrary to our expectations, life is happier when we let go of control.

Right now, anxiety is high. This stems from us being out of control. We cannot go where we want to go, we cannot see who we want to see; we are restricted.

For those suffering medically or economically, their pain is even more real.

Yet; for those who simply feel a lack of control, this change in circumstance can lead to opportunity and a chance to re-evaluate.

That’s what we’re doing at Russell Bedford. With restrictions on movement, there’s still plenty we can do and we are working on a revised plan of action for the rest of the year.

Oh... and our member firms... they can help alleviate those concerns that are making businesses anxious. So be in touch. We’re all over the world and want to help!

Author: Stephen Hamlet

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