Can you live life like a game of chess?

August 2019

Chess is arguably the most strategic game ever created, with a fascinating history, and surely more reliant on pure intellect than Fortnite or Minecraft!?

On my podcast as a Global Accounting Influencer HERE, I revealed I was my county’s Under 12 chess champion. I never reached such heights again and, to be honest, I rarely play the game in my adult life; but I do feel I often use the same kind of thought process.

“If she says X, I’ll say Y; but if she says Z, I’ll have to say B; as she may then say A, & then I’ll be able to say C.”

Did you get that?!? (Perhaps you can relate to how you won over the love of your life 😉)

In business, you may relate more to negotiation - you need to think a few moves ahead in order to progress from a starting point to where you want to end up.

The host of my podcast (an avid chess player) kindly referred to me as one of the few people he wouldn’t challenge to a game of chess.

But does such analysis help us? Or can it drive you crazy?!

Do we over-analyse too much? Do we spend too much time pondering every eventuality that MIGHT happen? What people MIGHT do... How they MIGHT react...

Should we live more for the moment and worry less about the future: “the NEXT MOVE”?

I think so.  But I’ve never had much success in convincing myself to DO SO!

Author: Stephen Hamlet

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