A seven nation army couldn't hold me back…

April 2024

It occurred to me that Russell Bedford is two words of 7 letters each.  Obviously we’re a lot more than that… but this works for what’s coming next.

This year we became the 17th largest accounting network in the world, in the same year that I visited my 70th country.

And so, we get to the number 7; considered to be lucky, with spiritual and mystical significance.  There are 7 wonders of the world, 7 colours in a rainbow, 7 days in a week, 7 major seas and 7 continents.

There are also 7 chakras (the vortexes of energy that represent our 7 levels of consciousness).

It is a very important number.

And why am I mentioning all this?

Because this month completes my 7th year as CEO at Russell Bedford International.

And now some statistics that have no bearing on the number 7:

In that period, we have doubled in size, increasing global revenues by 103%.  At the same time, we have grown our number of firms by 60% and added 40 new countries, now being present in 110.

It’s all about people; building relationships with loyal, trustworthy and talented individuals.  And, back to fhe magical number 7, it was interesting to calculate our network’s increase in people, to 9,868 (as reported in this year’s Global Performance Report), over those 7 years, was exactly 70%.

Furthermore, the powers of the number 7 seem to have come into play in respect of business referred within the network as, since the beginning of my tenure, we have seen an increase of 77% (and that’s just over a 6 year period, as we are yet to complete the latest analysis).

Personally, I’ve had a fabulous time.  I’ve met amazing and brilliant people (several more than 7); and our engagement, enhancement of profile, and connectivity around the world has been Magnificent (just like the Seven)!

I thank my 7 full-time colleagues at the central office team, our 7 current global board directors, and all those who have supported me and our group over the past 7 years.

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Author: Stephen Hamlet

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