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2019: Performance Review visual

March 2019

In a world that is so heavily focused on judgement and comparison, something that has only been exacerbated by the digital age, it can be difficult to strike a balance between measuring performance and avoiding being too self-critical.

Performance measurement is of course necessary in order to demonstrate how much you've grown and improved, while making sure you're on the right track. But therein lies the problem; as often it's the learning achieved through the journey of completing projects that returns greater outcomes, not just the end result. And, furthermore, it is often through the mistakes we make along the way, that the greatest learning is achieved. It's a double-edged sword.

Still; it's hard to beat the feeling of accomplishment you get from reflecting on where you were only a couple of years ago, seeing how far you've come and knowing at the other end that all that hard graft was actually really worth it.

Russell Bedford has been doing a little reflection of our own and it's immensely gratifying to see just how far the network has come. In just two years, revenue growth has increased by 21%; the 5th highest revenue growth among the Top 20 global accounting networks. And in terms of regional revenue percentage growth, Russell Bedford ranks second in Europe, second in the Middle East, second in Africa, and third in North America.

We're not going to pretend it was plain sailing throughout the journey to now, because it wasn't. But we will say that it was worth it to arrive at this point, having accomplished so much, and to be able to reflect back and think of that time when we looked towards what we have now.

A massive thanks to all of those who have been there throughout our journey; those who believed in us and who contributed to our successes. And yet; the journey does not end here! Like all success, it simply breeds the desire to achieve even more.