Russell Bedford International refreshes strategic positioning

November 2021

In an effort to build on the network’s many successes in recent years, Russell Bedford International embarked on a review of its strategy, examining why the network exists, what it aims to become and how its vision will be fulfilled.

Through a process of consultation, with volunteers from member firms and several sessions with the global board of directors, it was concluded that there was no desire for fundamental change, but to embrace and promote the network’s uniqueness and values, building on its strengths and togetherness; while members asked for more clarity on the network’s future strategy and priorities.

Recent successful appointments also demonstrate that by leveraging the advantages of being a more flexible network, instead of, for instance, imposing a full brand adoption policy, the network can appeal to larger mid-tier firms, making Russell Bedford a credible choice for all.

Consulting with regional boards in APAC, EMEA, North America and Latin America, the global board’s findings were discussed, resulting in a clear outline of:

Russell Bedford’s VISION

To be the global network of choice for independent professional services firms committed to sharing core values and to enabling their clients to do better business globally.

Russell Bedford’s MISSION

To equip and empower its people so that they, and their clients, go further to a better future; and

Russell Bedford’s VALUES

The principles that shape each client interaction delivered by every member firm, including:





The network’s MEMBERS, QUALITY CLIENT SERVICES and BRAND were deemed the three principal elements that glue the network together. Russell Bedford is confident that a better future will be created with great leadership and adequate resources to support each region, along with members aligned to the network’s core values and committed to growth. Additionally, the network re-emphasised the importance of quality, trust and relationship building as well as promoting specialist experts, centres of excellence and modern technology. Furthermore, Russell Bedford will continue to place great significance on people development and policies and practices focused on contemporary issues, such as:

Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Environmental, Social & Governance and

Corporate Social Responsibility.

Being a membership organisation, the network felt it important that the responsibilities for resulting actions and priorities be shared between the Central office and Global board, the Regional boards and the members themselves.

The board was commended by members, following the annual general meeting, with comments such as “You have given clarity to who we are - we now have a comprehensive plan - full of sense - congratulations!”

CEO, Stephen Hamlet said: “During this pandemic, we reviewed, we re-evaluated, we enhanced, we helped our people online with their personal and professional development, provided courses on health and well-being, webinars on new working conditions and leadership in changing times, created several new initiatives and made contributions to worthy charitable causes… while our firms continued to help their clients and gained new business… AND we completed this magnificent milestone in Russell Bedford’s history, launching a new era for the network.”

Bruce Saward, the network’s global chair, commented: “The vision of Russell Bedford is principles-based; the network wants its members and their clients to do better business globally. It is expected that by having a clear vision and mission, Russell Bedford will continue to grow faster than other international accounting networks.”

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