Knowledge is powerful but it’s what you do with it that counts

November 2020

Deeply knowing and understanding our members’ needs is a crucial part of being able to deliver services that meet their expectations. After all, a happy customer does not only remain brand loyal, but more importantly can act as one of the most effective brand advocates you could hope for.

After Russell Bedford’s record-breaking Annual Global Conference, attended by 400 people from 70 countries, we reached out to our members around the globe to learn directly from them about their online experience.

With everything concealed behind a computer screen, we never quite knew how the network’s ‘Event of the year’ would deliver. And despite a healthy amount of trepidation, going into yet another unknown, the hours of planning, preparation and efforts of many seemed to pay off when the results came in:

  • 92% of attendees rated the web conference as excellent or very good
  • 98% of attendees said they would participate in another Russell Bedford web conference (the 2% said ‘Maybe’)
  • 93% of attendees rated the technology experience as excellent or very good
  • Every individual session, on average, was rated as excellent or very good

Equally, comments from participants were incredibly rewarding and quite telling of the positivity that runs through the veins of this network, despite the challenges of a difficult year. Here are some of our favourites:

“Friendship and professionalism; no matter the circumstances" -  “To see many faces; our members are very passionate" - “The exhilaration displayed... I have been stoked ever since” -  “The best thing was the content, the people, everything!" -  “An adventure which worked surprisingly well" - “Under the current circumstances, I do not believe it could be better" - “Magnificent effort by all involved. Well done to HQ" - “I feel better, and happy to be a part of RBI"

Knowing what our members think, feel and care about are the components that keep us on track for success; striving for better and ensuring that each and every event brings something new and valuable. This helps us remain consistent in improving our offering and delivering value.

So; in the future, when we can meet in person again with our colleagues around the globe, we’ll be so much more grateful for our time together, but we’ll also have learned so much more about ourselves and each other, having remained connected throughout this period. It was vital that the people who make this network so relevant continued to engage, interact and learn from each other; and there was no stopping that.

Speaking about the results, Russell Bedford CEO, Stephen Hamlet, said: “At a time when life has needed to adjust, and remaining positive can be a challenge for a many, receiving such words of praise and gratitude from our people around the world was most fulfilling. I look forward greatly to reuniting with our members in a physical context, when we are able to do so; but for now, we’ll continue to do what we always do. That being, to stay together, support each other and continue to develop this fine network of professionals.


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