With the lights out, it's less dangerous

November 2020

At Russell Bedford International’s annual global meeting in October, with everything concealed behind a computer screen, we never quite knew how the network’s ‘Event of the year’ would deliver.

However; having reviewed the feedback from our conference survey, the comments were so incredibly rewarding.

I wanted to share my Top 10 favourites:

  • “Everyone was very engaging”
  • “Friendship and professionalism; no matter the circumstances"
  • “To see many faces; our members are very passionate"
  • “The exhilaration displayed... I have been stoked ever since”
  • “The best thing was the content, the people, everything!"
  • “An adventure which worked surprisingly well"
  • “Under the current circumstances, I do not believe it could be better"
  • “Magnificent effort by all involved. Well done to HQ"
  • “Keep it up guys. RBI is going places"
  • “I feel better, and happy to be a part of RBI"

At a time when life has needed to adjust, and several still battle to remain positive, receiving such words of praise and gratitude from our people around the world was most fulfilling.

‘Here we are now, entertain us’, they said. 400 of them, from 70 countries!

And we did. Nobody felt stupid... but very much contagious (in the best possible way of course!)

Click below to see the highlights video:


Author: Stephen Hamlet

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