What if every little thing NOT gonna be alright, Bob?

September 2020

One thing that frustrates me is when someone says, “It will all be fine!”

Will it? How can they possibly know?

I’d prefer we didn’t say it, if we cannot guarantee it.

However; as leaders, we must always be positive, optimistic, charismatic... strong!

But sometimes, with transparency and honesty, it’s ok to say, “I don’t know”.  And this will earn respect in very difficult and uncertain periods.  (Particularly relevant and poignant for businesses right now)

Leaders should be saying - “This is what we must do, to minimise the adverse effects and how we can be prepared for all potential eventualities”.  And then, “We are doing all we can to optimise our chances to succeed”.

So... Bob Marley was right in that we should not worry about a thing; worrying only makes matters worse.  But very often, although we must remain positive, we need to keep it real!

As part of our Russell Bedford International Professional Development, we held a Two-part session on leadership; which resulted in extremely productive, informative and enjoyable sessions.

My closing remarks touched upon these points.

Vulnerability is not a weakness and should not be hidden.  It’s how you express it that counts! #care #empathy

And this is MY message to you...

Author: Stephen Hamlet

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