We cranked it up to 11

February 2024

Another year of fantastic growth for the network.  I am proud to release Russell Bedford International's Global Performance Report looking back at 2023, which revealed an 11% increase in global revenues.

Whatever you do in life, you should do it “loud and proud” and by that, I don’t mean obnoxiously and annoyingly, but passionately and unapologetically.  If things go wrong, and you make a mistake, that’s nothing to be ashamed of; at least you can say you gave it your all.  If you risk more, you often achieve more.  And if it doesn’t go your way, you will learn more and be better for it next time.

I am thrilled that Russell Bedford has now more than doubled in size while I’ve been working with such remarkable and talented people as the network’s CEO.  And although there are a lot of challenges and uncertainties in the changing landscape of our profession, regardless of whether we continue to maintain this momentum of expansion, we should celebrate our achievements - a network of successful independent firms, having such positive impact in the present, yet embracing and preparing for the future.

I’ve always been dedicated to everything I do.  I cannot do something properly if I am not.  I’ve enjoyed loud music (have the guitars, amps and drums to prove it); but, at the same time, I appreciate the more refined aspects of music (and of life).  It’s not all about making a bang with impressive growth figures.  This latest report shows how the network has also taken steps to enhance collaboration and drive business opportunities, with an increase of 15% in the value of business referred within the network, whilst retaining quality, and with a focus on corporate social responsibility.

And so… if 10 is your maximum and 10 is your target, why not turn it up to 11 and go that extra step!  #takingyoufurther

Author: Stephen Hamlet

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