Spice up your life!

July 2019

Building relations around the world is a major part of my role. Wonderful places, conversations, unique experiences define perception on life. Make the most of what you have!

My 58th country (not that I’m counting) is India and it certainly opened my mind.

You are born into your “situation” and changing your ‘situation’ can often seem impossible.

The Taj Mahal is magnificent; symbolising love. Yet your heart will be broken by the young children begging outside the gates.

However, I witnessed an ambition in India that must be admired; to learn & enrich.

I wrote previously on attentiveness. Generally, there is a clear commitment to respect & for knowledge. Besides being constantly asked for my name & where I’m from, the person next to me on the train opens a conversation with genuine interest.

In the UK, I spend 2 hours a day on a train. It’s deadly silent! If a stranger starts speaking with you, your first thought is to contact the guard (“suspicious activity”)

The people in India want to CONNECT, have a passion to SHARE and, because of that, India will continue to GROW.

A man may cross the railway tracks to get to the other platform (& even stop halfway to sit in the middle of the tracks for a rest!) and, although it’s not what many of us would do, people are their own and they have their own way to live.

We can all learn from that.

(not that I am suggesting we should start walking across live railway tracks... but opening your mind to new experiences, thinking outside the box, looking at doing things differently to how they have been done in the past, because the world is changing so rapidly)

So... People of the world: Spice up your life!

Author: Stephen Hamlet

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