February 2019

Fantastic news: Jumping to 17th place in the Global Network table! Over the past two years, Russell Bedford has experienced the 5th highest growth of all networks in the Top 20.

I am immensely proud of this network. I knew when joining Russell Bedford in 2017 there was a solid foundation upon which we could expand & advance. Our consistent efforts towards network enhancement and brand development have led to us accomplishing a host of achievements from gaining a staggering 30+ new members over the past two years to achieving a record increase in referrals last year of 35% across the network.

Our upward movement in the ranking table is a reflection of all of these great achievements and hard work.

I write a lot of articles about PEOPLE and I am grateful to my supportive team, the dedication of my Chairman, supported by a passionate board of directors, & the forever increasing energy that exists within our member firms all over the world.

In terms of size, ranking positions are useful; but with our particular focus on quality, & obtaining the most appropriate coverage for our network all over the globe, this growth promotes even stronger our position as a leading group for firms looking to expand & offer more to their clients.

Author: Stephen Hamlet