Perception and reality

August 2017

Looking beyond the cover of a book & learning about trust... Having reached the final leg of my Russell Bedford Asia tour, I question perception. I have met people from all over the world in my (still relatively young) career & recently learnt that even those perceived as supportive & loyal can easily disappoint & reveal true weakness.

In Bangkok, the taxi driver may FaceTime his girlfriend whilst driving me to my meeting, but we arrive safely & on time; the food at lunch may look different, but it tastes delicious; the office may not be the most glamorous, but the people are welcoming, professional, with excellent QC.

You need to meet people, talk with them & get to know them in order to trust them. Attend events! A name & address in a directory means little. And yes, even after meeting someone, & knowing them for some time, it is not until they are tested in life that you learn who you can really trust. But for now...I have been so impressed with Russell Bedford members I have met, way beyond the cover of a book, discussing their businesses/ambitions, with immense hospitality, witnessing such passion for what they do; that if I was looking for assistance around the world, I have certainly learnt that I would be very happy to trust my clients with them.

Author: Stephen Hamlet

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