Don't fear change: Adapt to the challenge...

June 2018

A few weeks ago, I lost several functions in my right arm. Being right-handed meant I had to learn to do so many things for the first time with my left hand (brush teeth, shower, shave, use a spoon, button up my shirt... you’d be surprised at how hard the most simplest of tasks become - try it!)

I was due to travel for 2 weeks around Asia visiting Russell Bedford firms and I didn’t let this stop me! This included climbing the Great Wall of China (much harder with limited use of my right arm).

My message is twofold:
(1) I managed! I learnt to do things in different ways. I can now do many daily tasks very well with my left hand. When we have to adjust and put our minds to it, we can!
(2) I couldn’t do things so quickly and people had to tolerate waiting for me or helping me. Be kind to disabled people; you don’t realise what they go through every day.

I stand tall in Beijing’s Forbidden City, since I’m one of the lucky ones. I will have an operation when I return from Asia that will (hopefully) fix me. But think of those who struggle all their life, finding it hard to stand tall and be positive.

Don’t take life for granted; and if you need to make adjustments, you can!

Bringing this back to our profession - Don’t be afraid of changes; whether they be in regulation… governmental… economical… or indeed, advancements in technology. Every new problem is a challenge and, with perseverance, determination, empathy and respect, we can learn to adapt to developments and do things differently; just as well as before and very often, better!

Author: Stephen Hamlet

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