Brought back down to earth

December 2019

I am often now introduced (somewhat in jest), as “Mr Personality”; resulting in a blank, puzzled look, and so followed with “Stephen won Personality of the Year at a recent awards ceremony”.

This is then met with the response, “Really?!” (Or a more disparaging, “Seriously?!”)

This happened in Australia, but I was delighted when the young lady to whom i was being introduced kindly said, after a few minutes, “Ah, now you’ve warmed up a bit, I can see why you may have won the award”. (... I suppose I can take that!)

Travelling the world and being welcomed with such hospitality, frequently asked for photos & selfies, makes one feel like a celebrity.

But those who know me well, will be aware of the subtle British irony in much of my “modest self-promotion”, never taking myself too seriously.

This helps when confronted by the same everyday stresses upon returning home; often being completely ignored!

Whatever we do, whoever we are... we are all people and nobody is too special; everyone should be treated the same.

But; this cannot be avoided: we compete for class, hierarchy and status. We live in a world of celebrity and idolisation.

We must (it is only healthy, plus unavoidable) frequently be taken back down to earth!

(Now; following my figurine, could someone pls make me one of those massive bobble heads 🤔)

Author: Stephen Hamlet

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