Ain’t no stopping us now!

May 2018

We announced a second new firm in Africa in the same amount of days.

One day, Tanzania; the next day, Nigeria.

Our network continues to expand rapidly and attract high quality accounting & business advisory firms from all around the world. We are maintaining momentum and exciting the accounting profession.

Why? Because we have passionate, talented & ambitious people. And above all, firms full of people who care about others. They want the best for their practices, their people & for their clients. And, in turn, as the CEO of this fabulous global organisation, this feeds my energy, drive & positivity.

We follow impressive growth last year with several more new members this year and with many to come in a very warm pipeline!

I was particularly happy to yet again enhance our African region. To know that we do not simply put flags on a map, and in fact turn away a lot of enquiries from firms who do not meet our quality standards, makes these additions to our network even more satisfying.

Russell Bedford - taking our members further, taking their clients further.... taking you further

Author: Stephen Hamlet