Problem solving: How to adopt a proactive approach

11 October 2022

Webinar: 3PM - 4.30PM BST

In the third of this quarterly series of professional and personal development webinars, Michael Quigley, director at Kataholos, a business training and coaching group, joins us for a session on problem-solving.

In this 90 minute session, Michael will bring his experience as a teacher and coach, along with his life-long passion for fitness, wellbeing and developing people, to help you to adopt a proactive rather than reactive approach to finding the best solution.

Michael will cover:

  • A strategic approach to tackling problems by taking time to consider them before they happen
  • Problem solving approaches and tips that cans be applied at work and in your every day life
  • How to avoid some of the common errors that lead to poor problem solving and making errors.

Participants are asked to reflect on the following questions in advance of the webinar and come prepared to share their thoughts during the session:

1. What is a problem right now that you cannot seem to overcome and would like some help with? 

2. What is one of your favourite ways to solve a problem strategically/systematically? 

3. What is one of the best problems that you solved for a client or team member? 

This webinar is exclusive to Russell Bedford members only.

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