Global Chair

Bruce Saward

Bruce Saward is managing partner of Saward Dawson, a full-service accounting firm in Melbourne Australia with a team of around 70 people. After training with one of the big eight accounting firms (as they were then) Bruce joined the firm in 1981 and has played a key role in its development and growth.

Over the years Bruce has assumed audit, taxation and business advisory roles and has diverse professional experience. Most of Bruce’s client focused time is now committed to consulting and strategic business planning which builds upon his diverse experience. He regards lateral thinking and the ability to think outside the square as an important part of his role both as a consultant and a leader.

Bruce has been actively engaged with Russell Bedford since Saward Dawson joined the network in 2007. He joined the international board in 2016. Bruce considers himself a person who is naturally curious, always looking for solutions and focused on strategy. Bruce is passionate about the development and empowerment of younger leaders.