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Audit • Tax • Consulting •
Outsourcing • Corporate Finance

Rua Deputado Heitor Alencar Furtado
3415, 5th & 6th Floors
Ecoville, Curitiba, PR, Brazil

T: +55 41 3015 5888
T: +55 41 3090 1300
E: contato(at)

Wesley Montechiari Figueira (Audit/Tax) E-mail
Emanuele Oliveira Solyom (Consulting)E-mail
Paulo Martins Jr. (Outsourcing/IT) E-mail
Lilian Denise Meneghini Lambert (Risk Advisory) #E-mail
Thais Mutti Feltrim (Consulting) #E-mail
Luis Augusto Martin Gelinski (Corp Fin) #E-mail
Eduardo Johns de Oliveira (Corp Fin) #E-mail

Jaraguá do Sul

Audit • Tax • Consulting •
Outsourcing • Corporate Finance

Rua Cel. Procopio Gomes de Oliveira
430, Suite 8E, Jaraguá do Sul
Santa Catarina/SC, Brazil

T: +55 473 376 2220
T: +55 479 144 5507

Tiago Coelho Przywitowski (Tax) E-mail
Renato Vieira de Avila (Legal Svs) #E-mail
Benitez J. Buzzi (Adm) #E-mail
Denilson Kasteller (Consulting) #E-mail
Marcos Adriano Silva (Tax) #E-mail

São José dos Campos

Audit • Tax • Consulting •

Av. São João, 2375, sala 1701
Ed. Helbor Offices, Jardim das Colinas
São José dos Campos, SP, Brazil

T: +55 12 3341 2812
T: +55 12 98142 1269

Itor Takayama (Audit/Tax) #E-mail

São Paulo

Audit • Tax • Consulting •
Outsourcing • Corporate Finance

Av. Rebouças, 3387
São Paulo, SP, Brazil

T: +55 11 3030 6200
T: +55 11 3030 6215

Ricardo Furquim (BPO) #E-mail
Elias da Silveira Cerqueira (Audit) #E-mail
Kleber Araújo (Audit) #E-mail
Dail Song (Consulting) #E-mail
Ricardo Valeriote (Consulting) #E-mail

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