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Dutch government announces tax rate changes

Michaël Peffer, Netherlands

The ten golden rules of real estate investment in Spain

Jaime J. Navarro, Zaragoza, Spain

Protectionism – on the rise?

Tony Carey, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

What is the future of globalisation?

Ferdinando De Feo, Rome (Italy)

Cross-border brands, transfer pricing and the impact of BEPS

Victoria Willcox-Heidner, Halle (Westfalen), Germany

VAT in the Gulf – What you need to know

Naresh Shah, Dubai, UAE / London, UK

Five Eyes on the Fence: Intellectual Capital

Tony A. Rose, Los Angeles, USA

Four things to know before investing in Canada

Jie (Jenny) Lian, Toronto, Canada

Cyber resilience - A good place to start

Brian Kerk, Melbourne, Australia

Auditor rotation – Does it deliver greater professional scepticism?

Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Hillebrand, Berlin, Germany

Moving your business to France? – Locate to Lyon

Ludovic Riboulon, Lyon, France

Doing Business 2017: Equal opportunity for all

Yasmin Zand, Washington DC, USA

Five Eyes on the Fence: Human Capital

Tony A. Rose, Los Angeles, USA

Greece’s foreign investment revival

Stavros Papantonis, Athens, Greece

The top three commitments made by highly effective leaders

Esther Ewing, Toronto, Canada

Taking a strategic approach to risk management

Fabio Accardi, Rome, Italy

What is IFRS 16 and what does it mean for your business?

Frédéric Burband, Paris, France

Enterprise resource planning – avoiding the pitfalls

Omar M. AlHoshan, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Customer referrals – How to get more of them?

Bruce Saward, Melbourne, Australia

Mauritius – a stepping stone to sub-Saharan Africa

Jaye Jingree, Ebène Cybercity, Mauritius

The importance of planning for uncertainty in business

Jack Malley, Boston, USA

Why should a CPA firm join a national or global network?

Bill Rucci, Boston, USA

Doing business in Mexico – a destination for growth

Eduardo Crespo, Mérida, Mexico

Real leaders create future leaders

Esther Ewing, Toronto, Canada

ISO 9001 – would your business benefit?

Ferdinando De Feo, Rome, Italy

Price discrimination and the psychology behind it

Nigel Bennett, Manchester, UK

VAT fraud – protecting your business

Dr Rafal Nawrot, Warsaw, Poland

EU VAT Action Plan – solutions for micro-businesses and SMEs?

Philip Eagle, Manchester, UK

BEPS and IP regimes – a new era in intellectual property

Victoria Willcox-Heidner, Halle/Westfalen, Germany

Interest deductibility under BEPS: a new and more level playing field?

Philip Eagle, Manchester, UK

BEPS – it only affects the multinationals, right?

Clare Munro, London, UK

Doing Business 2016 – Measuring regulatory quality and efficiency

Yasmin Zand, Washington DC, USA

Three steps to coping in a downturn

Esther Ewing , Toronto, Canada

Turbulence is the new normal

Faye Chua, London, UK

Italy – an enticing business destination

Luca Borella, Bologna, Italy

Buy-sell agreement – put it on your to-do list

Paul Bardaro, Boston, USA

Going public – is an IPO an option for your business?

Iryna Shtefanyo, Kiev (Kyiv), Ukraine

Hot-desking – the flexible office alternative

Bader Al Abduljader, Kuwait

Shanghai is open for trade

Charles Wang, Shanghai, China

Optimising the sale of your company

Marcel Bergeron, Montréal, Québec, Canada

Chile – a rocky ride to a brighter future

Christian Scheinpflug, Santiago, Chile

Transfer pricing and SMEs in Europe

Fabio Corno, Milan, Italy

Say Hello to the Elephants Quadrant Four: Sustainability

Tony A. Rose, Los Angeles, USA

Accounting for post- employment benefit plans

Daniel Ryba, Buenos Aires, Argentina

FATCA – impact on businesses and individuals

Domingo Alonso, Miami, FL, USA

Belgium – heart of Europe

Dirk Wouters, Antwerp, Belgium

Say Hello to the Elephants – Quadrant Three: Implementation

Tony A. Rose, Los Angeles, USA

Doing Business 2015: going beyond efficiency

Joyce Antone Ibrahim, Washington DC, USA

Getting yourself known

Peter Noone, Worthing, UK

Britain is Great for business

Lee Facey, London, UK

International employment – avoiding the pitfalls

Adriana Robles, Guadalajara, Mexico

Accounting in the Cloud

Bruce Saward, Melbourne, Australia

Protecting your image - the Guernsey Image Right

David Evans, St Peter Port, Guernsey

Say Hello to the Elephants - Quadrant Two: Solutions

Tony A Rose, Los Angeles, USA

Say Hello to the Elephants Quadrant One: Clarity

Tony A. Rose, Los Angeles, USA

Germany – still the strong man of Europe?

Burghard Solinsky, Hamburg, Germany

Tax Planning – the future

Jiří Nekovář, Prague, Czech Republic